The last two days have been a bit hectic for me.  I travelled to Red Deer for the long weekend to spend time with my family and had lots to do to get ready to leave in addition to my regularly scheduled routine.  I am applying for a few scholarships this week that will hopefully pay for my last semester of school.  Two of them required a couple of reference letters, so I rushed to picked those up yesterday before my flight so I would have them to send away this weekend.  My professors wrote some of the kindest words about me and so I decided to create a tab on my blog to post my letters.  This spawned what would become an HTML nightmare.

It all started when I decided that my pages were starting to look a bit monotonous with the header, the white space below that and then the footer underneath.  I thought that since the letters I would be posting were on white paper, it would be much more aesthetically pleasing if the white box was instead the same blue colour as the background. I searched around Weebly's website for answers and figured out I needed to create and add another page type to my options.  Easy enough.  So I did that, but apparently you also have to format the HTML code as well, otherwise you end up with a blank page with little hyperlinks in the top corner for your tabs.  Not cool.  I created a website once in high school using HTML, but that was in the late 90s so I needed a bit of a refresher.  Two hours later I thought I had it figured out until I tried to change the header picture and the save options had been disabled.  I got the spinny wheel of death and then my laptop died.  I felt like throwing it across the room but instead threw in the towel.

That lasted about 10 minutes because all I could think about was that bland background and how horrible my little rays of sunshine were going to look on it.  So I fiddled and googled and fiddled some more, and I won.  That's right. I got my HTML code and my header too.  Take that Weebly - hi-ya!

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