Today I decided to add a Facebook like button to the about page on my site.  I searched in Weebly for the directions and followed the link provided to Facebook's easy instructions.  Once I had filled out my info and got my codes pasted into Weebly's HTML editor, I noticed that it was showing up on both my blog and my about page. I didn't want this because the blog already has a like button after each post.  So I went back into the HTML editor, created a new page type, copied the codes directly from the default page so my blog would look the same, deleted the Facebook codes I had added, and then went to the "Pages" tab in the editor bar and changed the page type of my blog from the default layout to this new page I had created.  So simple now that I have spent some time playing around with the codes.  Maybe I have a future in computer programming.  Either way, visit my about tab and "like" my page!

06/02/2012 5:16pm

If you like the "like" button then you'll LOVE Wibiya! Check out my blog about it:

The toolbar at the bottom of my site pages is a Wibiya original ;)

06/03/2012 2:20am

I read your blog today and was going to check out Wibiya when I got a chance. I will let you know my thoughts after I do some exploring. Thanks Denine!


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