The mystery of what Miss W looks like has finally been revealed.  I particularly love the awkward face YouTube selected as the cover for my video.  Really captured the essence of what I was going for.  Oh and by the way, this took me days to record.  I just couldn't get my hair/lighting/outfit/voice just right.  A true labour of love.  Enjoy!

05/14/2012 2:09pm

You look fine. I'm hoping you'll fine this a useful course. I think it is.

05/14/2012 2:29pm

I think you did a great job! I found the video the hardest thing yet. I really appreciated your comment about not knowing what you wanted at 17 I was the same. However, I spent three years working on an Arts degree in English/Film Studies before I realized I needed to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.

05/14/2012 4:01pm

Hi Miss W from Mr W!

I try and avoid appearing on video at the best of times, simply because I feel the world has suffered enough heartache already! ;)

Enjoy the course, and make sure you follow @shareski on Twitter.

Ian Barbour
05/14/2012 4:13pm

Nice video, very informative and natural. Well done

05/21/2012 10:59pm

I nearly spit out my water when I heard you say that you weren't sure if you were smart enough for university. You're one of the smartest people I know (never mind how hard you work...).

I'm not sure why I've never thought to connect you with my buddy Ben Sheridan. We met him and his wife in Cambodia but he's in Indonesia right now at another international school. He is a techno-master with his kindergartners and you should check him out for ideas.
Here's a book that he and his class published in collaboration with a class in Japan.
Here's an article about some folks he partnered with (he's the "Indonesian partner class"
And here's his blog.
If you're up for it, and you end up with an idea, you could connect with him for a project this fall.

Finally, the next time we hang out (AFTER this semester is out), we need to kibitz about your inclusion class and deficit views in education.

05/22/2012 6:51am

I have added Ben's blog to my Reader to follow. Sounds like it could be a neat collaboration for the fall, thanks for sharing! And yes, we will DEFINITELY get together after this semester wraps up to chat about all things, educational views included.


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