Welcome to my humble abode! I am not new to the world of blogging.  You might remember me from such blogs as "Reduce Reuse Recycle: You Are What You Eat" and "Mes Aventures au Québec", both of which are sooo last year in that no one has posted on them since 2011.  This blog is going to be different, I can just feel it.  I am still in the process of sprucing up the place, so don't get too attached to the decor.  I have never used Weebly before so I am learning how to move things around and make changes. One of the features you may have noticed is my twitter feed on the right.  You may have also noticed that my last tweet was almost 100 days ago.  I will be honest and say that I only signed up for my account a few months ago at the suggestion of one of my profs and, up until recently, I didn't get how to tweet #WhatIsThisNumberSignAboutAnyway. This was particularly embarrassing when I discovered that my dad had been tweeting for nearly two years before I joined. So I posted the feed on my blog for two reasons: 1) so I remember that I have a twitter account and 2) so I can make a conscious effort to tweet more often.  And who knows?  Maybe my tweets will be so awesome that Josh Groban will want to turn them into songs too.

05/10/2012 2:22pm

Hi! I'm in your ECMP class and I just wanted to say I really like the map widget you have on the front page. I may have to steal that idea.

05/11/2012 1:21pm

Thanks for stopping by, and please do borrow ideas! That is what teaching is all about :)

Alex Wilkinson
05/10/2012 2:32pm

Love the blog, keep it coming and I tweeted your site!

05/11/2012 9:29pm

It's great to read somehow who is comfortable with their "voice" as you seem to be. I look forward to more. With regard to Megan's comment, here's one of my favorite blog posts on stealing:


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