Tonight a friend posted a plea for help on her Facebook.  It seems her three-year-old daughter was playing with her iPod and afterwards her audio book was playing in fast forward, despite attempts to power it off and back on.  I love to figure things out, so I did what I always do when I need to know something - I googled it.  And I was able to find a solution to said problem.  Love it! What I love even more is the way technology allows us to toss out a question to our friends and then go back to doing other things like washing dishes or doing homework.  It gives us the freedom to check back for the answer once we find another spare moment, and does not force us to do extensive research when we just don't have the time.  She was busy.  I was not.  Her problem was solved and everyone is happy.

Texting works the same way.  I am able to send little messages throughout the day to let my partner know how things are going, or that I'm thinking about him, and he is able to read and respond when he has a spare minute, and so on.  It allows us to stay connected when we are both caught up, doing our own thing.  This is important to me because when I am in school mode and he is working, our schedules just don't mesh.  And without the use of these technologies, we might go whole days without communicating on some level.  Some people believe that these types of technologies are diminishing traditional social interactions.  Maybe that is the case for some, but I still engage in other forms like face-to-face conversation, Skyping, or phone calls.  I think I just have more options than I did before.

Do you think technology helps or hinders your connections?


Brett V
06/09/2012 5:22am

I have to say it most definitely helps our connections with the ones we love!!! Skype is a life saver!

Karlee Wiser
06/09/2012 7:13am

I'd have to agree that it helps social interaction. I think back to an example in high school. My mom would always laugh at how guys couldn't ask girls on a date face-to-face anymore, it would have to be over texting or the computer. But the thing is, I wouldn't have even started talking to a lot of boys if it wasn't for computers and cell phones!

06/09/2012 3:58pm

Karlee, I'm going to challenge your example in terms of positive social interactions. Do you think it is a positive thing that youth are using technology to avoid taking risks? Do you think they might be missing out on opportunities to grow and push their comfort zones a little if they have a screen to hide behind? I know there are things that make us nervous and a little uncomfortable, but I have found that pushing those feelings a little makes them smaller and makes me feel stronger!

06/09/2012 11:20am

I completely agree that technology assists with staying connection. When my boyfriend was going to school in Ontario we were able to stay connected via skype and texting. Face to face connections were not an option for us, other than winter break. I can not image how hard the distance would have been on us had it not been for skype and texting.

06/09/2012 4:01pm

I find myself in the same position as you, Kyla. The line of work my partner is in calls for him to be away for extended periods of time but technology allows that distance to feel a little smaller, especially with things like Skype where we can see each other. I don't think I could do it otherwise!


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